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Traditional/Ancestral Harvesting in and around Animbiigoo Zaagi'igan and Anishinaabewi Gitchi-Gami

Historically the Anishinaabe / Anishinaabeg / Anishinabek of the Lake Nipigon and Lake Superior regions used the sun, moons, planets and stars to guide community practices around time, harvesting, gathering, storing and preparing food and medicines. Most common is the use of the thirteen moons to guide seasonal cycles and community practices.

This game includes a snapshot of some of the cultural practices of the Anishinaabe / Anishinaabeg  / Anishinabek in the past and present. Every community and region has their own way of recognizing the moon cycles and the time of year certain harvests take place. This harvesting map represents more of a broad example of the teachings that surround the lakes. These cycles remind us of our special relationship to the natural world and our commitment to teaching younger generations about the good life. Respect the land no matter where you travel and only take what you need. These teachings have guided and continue to remind us of respect, balance and living with one another in harmony.

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Access the complete Traditional Harvesting/13 Moons Poster (PDF)


How to Play

Drag & drop Moons, plants and animals into their respective locations. If the moons are in the right spot, they'll stick!

The plants & animals on the right can go anywhere on either the land or water.

P.S. If you want a challenge, try turning on "Hard Mode" to hide where the moons will go.