Iskigamizige-Giizis: Sugar Bushing Moon (picture of tall grass)Zaagibagaa-Giizis: Budding Moon (picture of small plant)Ode'imini-Giizis: Strawberry MoonMiinke Giizis: Berry Moon (picture of blueberries)Manoominike-Giizis: Ricing MoonWaatebagaa-Giizis: Changing Leaves MoonBinaaakewe-Giizis: Falling Leaves MoonGashkadino-Giizis: Freezing Over MoonAtikomego Giizis: Whitefish MoonManidoo Giizisoons: Little Spirit MoonGichimandoo-Giizis: Big Spirit MoonNamebin-Giizis: Suckerfish MoonOnaabani-Giizis: Snowcrust Moon

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Now try and complete all of the flora and fauna on the right!

Great work! You have completed all of the moons, flora, and fauna.

13 Moons Interactive Food Systems Game

Drag & Drop all of the moons, flora, and fauna into their respective locations, and learn about each of them as you go.

If you want a challenge, try turning on "Hard Mode" to hide where the moons will go!

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