Namaygoosisagagun First Nation

About this Nation

Namaygoosisagagun First Nation (NFN) is a small remote access community in Northwestern Ontario within the Robinson Superior Treaty of 1850. NFN has been in existence since time immemorial, but has yet to receive official reserve status, although it has applied and negotiated for official band status and reserve lands through the provisions of the Indian Act. NFN members have historically lived near Onamakawash Lake on the north shore of Collins Lake, northwest of Lake Nipigon and continue to maintain a thriving, healthy community in the north. The name “Namaygoosisagagun” comes from Namegosi-zaaga’igan, meaning “Trout Lake”, which is the Anishinaabemowin name for Collins Lake. Access to NFN is limited to train, portage trails, and snow machines in the winter. With limited access comes challenges, but it also makes for a strong and resilient community. There are no stores within the community so many people rely on the land for sustenance. Therefore, protection of their traditional lands is one of the community’s main priorities. NFN has 140 registered members, with approximately 30 members live in the community.

Food Sovereignty Visions
  • Community Energy Project: The community does not have a reliable energy source and relies on diesel fuel to power community members homes, administration offices, school buildings etc. and suffers from frequent power outages. Since the purchase of the freezer in the last phase these outages have become a more regular thing. Community members and the community infrastructure that holds food is often compromised during one of these outages, and outages can last for undetermined amounts of time. The community opted to purchase three large scale generators to power community members and the freezer while outages occur, to ensure the prolonged use of the food being stored. This has proved very as a very successful idea and has saved the community and its members money, time and anguish. Other options are being explored for a more stable source of energy, and when that happens the hope is to utilize the generators when the community does their fall harvests and other land based events.
  • Community Freezer Project: Due to the lack of accessible shopping in or around the community the administration wanted to offer a one stop place for community members to bring and share wild foods harvested around the community. A freezer was purchased and shipped on skidoo trail and sits within the band administration building which is a hub for members to visit. The freezer is stocked with harvest foods and is accessible to anyone in the community. The project has been helpful for those who are no longer able to get back on the land and hunt, fish or trap. This project continues to live and has also become a tool for community gatherings for those who are preparing food to use some of the shared meat and other foods.