Bingwi Neyaashi Anishinaabek

About this Nation

Bingwi Neyaashi Anishinaabek (BNA) (formerly known as Sand Point) has occupied the southeast shores of Lake Nipigon since time immemorial.  Following years of displacement caused by the provincial and federal governments, BNA's land was returned to them in 2010.  BNA is located on the eastern shore of Pijitiwabik Bay, which is on the southeastern shores of Lake Nipigon, 17km south of Beardmore, Ontario. The community and its leadership are now forging ahead with major economic development initiatives and re-establishing the community. BNA sees this as an opportunity to develop a green, sustainable community from the ground-up. The total membership of BNA is 250 members and their satellite office is located in Thunder Bay.

Food Sovereignty Visions
  • Community Traditional Pantry: Although the community is in the process of building their community on their lands the majority of the community members live in Thunder Bay or are scattered across Turtle Island. The administration office is located within Thunder Bay and the team provides a wide array of workshops and opportunities for the members in Thunder Bay. Through this phase the administration choose to supplement the community pantry that the administration runs in Thunder Bay. Some of those traditional foods used to supplement BNAs Pantry were sourced from community members.
  • Community Freezer and Dehydrator Project: Due to the fact the community is currently in the process of building its actual community space on its traditional lands, BNA is exploring many options for providing food for those community members who are able to move back to the developing community. These include a small community store and a greenhouse. The community wanted to also make a space accessible for those community members who harvest off the land to have a space to process and store access foods. Through the Understanding Our Food Systems project the community purchased a community freezer and an industrial dehydrator to preserve food.